About project

MEPHYSTE is Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross border Co-operation Programme project.

The main goal of the project is to improve the knowledge and preparedness of medical physicists according to the special needs that they face with during their everyday activity or if a particular new radiotherapy technique is to be implemented. Curriculum will be developed to cover both a structured basic learning, and also the issues related to specific techniques such as conformal radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery.

Project members


Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad

Faculty of Sciences is an educational and scientific institution providing teaching and scientific research within the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics, geography, tourism and environmental protection at five departments: Department of Biology and Ecology, Department of Physics, Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Protection and Department of Mathematics and Informatics.

Today the educational process of the Faculty is organized at primary, master and doctoral levels in the fields of: biology, ecology, environmental protection, physics, astronomy, geography, tourism, hotel management, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics and informatics. Since 2007, the Faculty has introduced vocational studies in optometrics.


Clinic of Oncotherapy, University of Szeged

The history of the department goes back to 1980, when the Division of Radiotherapy was developed within the Department of Radiology. The Department of Oncotherapy was founded in 1994 by the unification of the Divisions of Radiotherapy and the Division of Gynecooncology.

At present, the Department of Oncotherapy is one of the 5 regional oncotherapy centers in Hungary, with full coverage of approved and reimbursed chemo- and radiotherapy protocols. It has 3 divisions with 73 beds and 30 ambulatory treatment chairs for chemotherapy, and covers approximately 1,350,000 people as patient population.

The Department of Oncotherapy is also responsible for graduate and postgraduate education, which are performed in both Hungarian and English languages. As a university clinic, we are deeply involved in research and active in scientific publication.


Institute of Oncology Vojvodina

Institute of Oncology Vojvodina (IOV) in Sremska Kamenica is a highly specialized health care, education and scientific research institution in the field of oncology, which carries out the most complex specialized, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative methods and procedures. The Institute monitors and analyzes the health status of the population, conducts registration of patients suffering from tumors and performs other epidemiological studies, conducts multidisciplinary clinical research in the field of precancers and cancers, researches, introduces and applies new methods of prevention, diagnosis of tumors, their treatment and rehabilitation, organizes expert supervision in Institute itselfs and in oncology wards and dispensaries in Vojvodina.

The institute was founded in 1965 with financial backing from the Republic Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) as part of a project of the Serbian government.